About Us


We share the same values with you.

Based on our common values, we work as a team to provide the best service to our investors.


We provide our investors an easy way to track our products’ up-to-date performance and investment strategies through our clearly written reports and investor bulletins.

Client Focus

We act by knowing that our clients are our biggest value. We know very well that consistency, growth and success comes with client satisfaction.


As UNLU Portfolio Management we do not seek (serve) any individuals', institutions' or organisations' interest, we only serve our investors.


Our pricing policy is based on performance and designed to be fair for our investors. Therefore, our income and portfolios’ success move in the same direction.


We do not believe in success without consistency. Short term decisions that can generate high returns are taken with great care in order to prevent harming our long term performance. 


We avoid any business that might harm our strongly built investor trust.

Our Portfolio Specialist

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