Equity Fund

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Target Investor Profile:

The Fund aims to provide to stock market investors a higher yielding by taking advantage of the long-term growth potential of Turkish economy.

Investment Objective and Principle Strategies:

The Fund aims to outperform XU030 index with lower volatility through a combination of asset allocation and stock picking strategies.

The Fund mainly invests in Turkish equities and futures.


BIST 30 Index

Management Fee:

1.75% p.a. (charged daily to the Fund’s NAV). There are no other fees of any other kind such as entry or exit charges.

Subscription and Redemption Frequency:


Subscription and Redemption Notice Period:

Cut-off time is 13:30 (local time);  subsscription requests before 13:30 are executed from the same day closing price and subscribed to the Fund the day after (T+1) whereas redemption requests are executed two business day after (T+2).

Lock-up period:



Finans Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş.


Capital Markets Board (CMB)


Mutual fund gains are subject to a withholding tax (at redemption) of 10% for real persons and 0% for legal entities, while the tax rate for time deposits is 15% for both real persons and legal entities.

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