Which fund suits which type of investor?

ÜNLÜ Asset Management Variable Funds

With its multi-asset strategy, the Funds are suitable for investors who seek returns above the deposit rate in the medium and long term, and avoid high volatility.

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ÜNLÜ Asset Management Hedge Fund

The Fund is appropriate for investors with foreign-exchange-denominated savings, who are in search of an alternative investment option to deposits. To invest in this Fund, investors are required to meet the CMB’s “qualified investor” definition.

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ÜNLÜ Asset Management Equity Fund

The Fund is an investment alternative offering a high return and relatively high volatility for investors opting for long-term investments in the Turkish stock market.

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ÜNLÜ Asset Management Money Market Fund

The Fund is suitable for risk-averse investors who seek an alternative to deposits, and a liquid product.

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ÜNLÜ Real Estate Investment Funds

The Funds befit qualified investors who are interested in real estate investments but do not wish to deal with transactions such as buying, selling, maintaining and renting real estate.

ÜNLÜ Asset Management Discretionary Portfolio Management

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