Real Estate Investment Funds

Target Investor Profile

The Funds befit qualified investors who are interested in real estate investments but do not wish to deal with transactions such as buying, selling, maintaining and renting real estate.

Basic Investment Strategies

The investment goal of the Funds is to offer investors an attractive return, by making bulk purchases at discounts from real estate projects with high yield potential and high unsold housing and office stock.

A 'Win-Win' situation comes about, as contractors’ financing burden is alleviated, while investors seize the opportunity for discounted prices. The Funds provide investors with a high probability of return, while presenting contractors with the opportunity for liquidity and alleviated financial liabilities.

Trading at an undiscounted net asset value, unlike REITs, which trade at sizable discounts to their net asset values, the Fund is conceived as an investment instrument that is preferred by investors.

Investable AssetsNon-Investment Activities
Real estate and rights based on real estate (at least 80% of the Fund)Incomplete real estate projects
Foreign private sector and public debt instruments and joint stock partnership sharesContinuous short-term real estate purchase and sales in the fund portfolio
Specially designed foreign investment instruments and loan participation certificates approved by the BoardReal estate construction works; personnel and equipment acquired for this purpose
Time deposits and participation sharesOperating real estate for commercial purposes
Repo and reverse repo transactionsPurchase, sale and rental of real estate abroad

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