What is TEFAS?

Turkey Electronic Fund Trading Platform (TEFAS) is an electronic platform that enables access from a single terminal to all mutual funds that are established in Turkey with the authorization of the Capital Markets Board (CMB), and are active in capital markets. Local and international, private and institutional investors are permitted to realize transactions via this platform. All investors with an account at any bank or brokerage house vested with CMB authorization may benefit from TEFAS.

Why is TEFAS Important for Investors?

Before TEFAS came into existence, investors could buy and sell only the fund shares of the bank or brokerage house where they kept their investment accounts. Hence, access to other funds was limited. For example, an investor residing outside Istanbul, wishing to buy shares of funds managed by UNLU Asset Management would have to come to Istanbul, and open an account with our institution. With the introduction of TEFAS in 2015, investors have been provided access not only to the funds of the institution with which they have an investment account but to all other funds as well. This way, whilst making their fund purchase decisions, investors are granted the freedom to compare all mutual funds and investment alternatives on an asset distribution and performance basis, and choose the funds that are most aligned with their preferences. Investors may make fund share purchases from this platform wherever they may reside in Turkey or abroad.

How Can I Access Comparative Return and Portfolio Distribution Data of Funds?

It is possible to access historical return and portfolio distribution data of all funds from the official website of TEFAS, www.fonturkey.com.tr or www.fundturkey.com.tr. Investors are advised to consider not only periodic returns but also risk-adjusted returns (e.g. Sharpe ratio, information ratio) in order to make sound investment decisions.

How Can I Make Fund Purchase Sale Transactions via TEFAS?

You may buy the fund shares you want through the bank or the branch of the brokerage house with which you have an account or through the internet branch. If you are trading through the branch, it is sufficient for you to send your request to your customer representative. If you are making transactions through the Internet branch, you can access all funds at "TEFAS Funds" or "Other Institution Funds", under the "Mutual Funds" button.

Do I Have To Pay Any Additional Commissions For TEFAS Transactions?

No, you do not need to pay any additional commissions for TEFAS transactions.


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