About Us

ÜNLÜ Asset Management

ÜNLÜ Asset Management is a subsidiary of ÜNLÜ & Co, Turkey's leading investment services and asset
management group founded in 1996.

ÜNLÜ Asset Management, which launched operations in 2006, displays a strong growth performance in
the funds it manages, offering value-added solutions to individual and institutional investors alike.
Providing qualified portfolio management services, comprising most notably bonds, stocks and
structured products traded on Turkish markets to institutional and private investors, ÜNLÜ Asset
Management ranks among prominent asset management firms, with a wide range of products and
expertise in investment management.

With staff members possessing the needed expertise in their respective fields as well as being
trustworthy and experienced, ÜNLÜ Asset Management provides value-added solutions to investors
regardless of market conditions, through the funds it manages with a sustainable structure based on
research and fundamental analysis, devised and updated at regular investment committee meetings.

With a wide range of funds, ÜNLÜ Asset Management treats individual and institutional investors’ needs
in the realm of finance as a whole, offering tailor made solutions with needs-oriented analyses. It makes
a difference in the sector with the asset management services it offers, featuring an impartial and
transparent working style, a hallmark of its independent structure.

In this context, targeting particularly individual and institutional qualified investors, aligned with its
strategic objectives, ÜNLÜ Asset Management sustained its fund activities with added momentum in
2019, and expanded assets under management by 164%.

Established by ÜNLÜ Asset Management, variable funds are built on a multi-asset strategy aimed at low
and medium risk profile investors typically investing in deposits and comparable traditional tools.
Offering such investors the opportunity to invest in various asset classes on the basis of certain risk
criteria, variable funds aim for a return that is above the deposit rate.

All our funds and portfolios are managed with due consideration given to risk-return balance and
performance criteria.

All assets belonging to our investors are kept with the 'custodian institution' that operates as an asset
custody company, indicating ownership of the investor without making any association with UNLU Asset