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Investment Philosophy

UNLU Portfolio Management’s investment strategy is to employ in-depth research and combine global and local inputs to determine optimal asset allocation. Although perfect timing in financial markets is almost impossible, we devote more emphasis to “top-down” analysis as we believe that in order to produce consistent returns, “when you buy” is, in the Turkish theatre, often a more relevant concern than “what you buy”.


We use a disciplined approach to select the securities in our portfolios. First of all, we believe that each and every fund should adhere to a clearly defined investment strategy. For example, we avoid equity investments in our fixed-income funds, which are designed for risk-averse investors for whom equity-induced volatility is unwelcome. Similarly, in our external debt fund, which is designed for investors seeking absolute return in USD, we do not invest in local currency bonds (and take currency risk) in an effort to boost the fund return. Clients can use our funds as building stones for the optimal investment mix, best suited for their risk preferences and objectives.


We insist on one-on-one meetings with company executives, as this meetings are a very important part of the investment decision making process. We do not invest in companies where we are not able to meet the management.


Finally, we believe that good fund management is defined by more than just fund performance. Client satisfaction is ultimately borne out of a holistic experience where back-office operations, risk management systems and procedures, compliance, administration, marketing, etc. all need to come together to function like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, we believe that a highly-skilled staff who work in a harmonious workplace with a spirit of cooperation is a must to ensure that the investment philosophy and process (strategy) are executed according to plan.

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