ÜNLÜ Asset Management - Variable Funds
Second Variable Fund
Fund Share Price
June 25, 2024
Year Since
% 55,8537
June 25, 2024
% -0,2472
June 25, 2024
Total Value
329.0 Million TL
June 25, 2024
Summary Information

Target Investor Profile

The Fund is a Dynamic Variable fund. It aims high returns, with risk and volatility exceeding those of deposits.
It is suitable for investors with risk category R5

Investment Objective and Principle Strategies

The Fund's investment strategy is based on the goal of maximizing risk-adjusted returns by capturing the fund interest rate cycles and managing the duration and credit risks.

The Fund invests into debt instruments issued by the Turkish Treasury, foreign governments as well as Turkish and foreign companies.

For investment purposes, the Fund may include in its portfolio; listed derivatives, warrants and certificates, based on BIST-traded issuer shares and issuer share indices, interest rates, foreign currencies/exchange rates and financial indices; and for hedging purposes, over the counter (OTC) derivatives based on the aforementioned underlying assets, warrants and certificates, along with swap contracts. Foreign investment instruments may also be included in the Fund portfolio.

The Fund is being managed with a targeted risk range of 4-5.


BIST-KYD 1 M Deposit

Management Fee

1.28% p.a. (charged daily to the Fund’s NAV). There are no other fees of any kind such as entry or exit charges.

Subscription and Redemption Frequency


Subscription and Redemption Notice Period:

Subscription: Requests made before 13:30 executed on the same day closing price and subscribed to the fund 1 day after.

Requests made after 13:30 will be executed on the same day closing price and subscribed to the fund 2 days after.

Exit: Requests made before 13:30 will be executed on the same day closing price and subscribed to the fund a day after.

Lock-up Period



T. İş Bankası A.Ş.


Capital Markets Board (CMB)


Mutual fund gains are subject to a withholding tax (at redemption) of 10% for indivudials and 0% for corporate clients

Target Investor Profile

June 25, 2024
Risk Value
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Fund Share Price
Total Value
Year of Foundation
Management Fee (Annual)
329.0 Million TL
March 01, 2005
% 2.25
Değişken Fon

Fund Asset Distribution

  • Hisse %89,80
  • Ters Repo %8,24
  • Diğer %1,83
  • Takasbank Para Piyasası %0,13